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Josie is a registered dietitian, specialising in weight managementhormone-driven conditions and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). She currently works in bariatric and metabolic surgery, both clinically and in research. In her role, she supports individuals to improve various markers of health and in reaching their happy weight.

As a result of her progressive career in the NHS, Josie has extensive knowledge in dietary counselling and supporting various conditions. She frequently supports those with their weight, disordered eating (inc. binge eating), type 2 diabetes (inc. remission), polycystic ovarian syndrome, plant-based diets, metabolic diseases and more. Josie is also qualified to support those living with IBS to improve symptom management through the low FODMAP diet.

Josie has all the knowledge and resources you need to get your journey started to becoming your healthiest, happiest self. Whether you require weekly nutrition coaching, dietary consultations, health writing or more, Josie is suitably equipped to meet your needs. 

Email for all enquiries: info@thedietitianmethod.com

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