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A HCPC registered dietitian based in central London. With undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications in dietetics. 

Josie has a wealth of experience working in some of the top trusts in London, both clinically and in research. She has a diverse skill set, learning from leading dietitians, doctors and psychologists. Clients can feel confident in her ability to provide nutritional counselling, a thorough holistic assessment and a bespoke care package. 

In practice, Josie frequently supports clients with managing gut-symptoms (such as IBS, IBD, Coeliac disease), sustainable weight loss (inclusive of all foods and drinks), overcoming binge-eating and improving various markers of health.

Josie also has post-graduate training in sports nutrition, for which she has helped many recreational athletes achieve goals related to training, performance and body composition.

Josie makes it her mission to support others in being happy in their skin and improving health. 

If you're interested in working with Josie, please feel free to drop us a message at

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Breaking boundaries with nutrition, allow ourselves all foods without punishment. But working on our portion sizes and mindful to keep the balance and live a happy, unrestricted life.

realistic nutrition

Enjoying exercise is the only way to keep it up

Movement you enjoy

Changing how we react and respond to feelings, situations and thoughts can help us create healthier habits and lose weight

reset your mindset

stress management is key to creating healthy habits and losing weight

stress management

British dietetic association member
Dietitians are the leaders of evidence based nutrition. You can always trust the dietitian method, Josie Porter.
HCPC registered dietitian with experience
Freelance Dietitian Specialist Weight Loss Binge Eating Diabetes Mindfulness
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