Josie Porter RD BSc MSc

MSc Dietetics

BSc (hons) Dietetics

completed FODMAP training with monash university

A HCPC registered dietitian based in central London. With extensive clinical experience in: weight management, type 2 diabetes, hormone-driven conditions (such as PCOS), metabolic diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, liver disease, coeliac disease, maternity, mental health and sports nutrition.

Josie currently works as a specialist in the clinical setting, supporting patients throughout bariatric surgery and in research. She also supports patients with various needs in the private setting under her brand "The Dietitian Method". 

Brand consultancy, health writing, recipe analysis, development of education resources and delivering group education sessions are just some of the other areas of work that Josie is available for. 

If you're interested in working with Josie and finding out more about The Dietitian Method, please email for quotes, appointments or more information. 

A dietitian is the only qualified healthcare professional that can apply clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat nutritional problems. Dietitian's are able to translate the latest scientific evidence on diet and health to provide bespoke nutritional advice.

Breaking boundaries with nutrition, allow ourselves all foods without punishment. But working on our portion sizes and mindful to keep the balance and live a happy, unrestricted life.

realistic nutrition

Enjoying exercise is the only way to keep it up

Movement you enjoy

Changing how we react and respond to feelings, situations and thoughts can help us create healthier habits and lose weight

reset your mindset

stress management is key to creating healthy habits and losing weight

stress management

British dietetic association member
Dietitians are the leaders of evidence based nutrition. You can always trust the dietitian method, Josie Porter.
HCPC registered dietitian with experience
Freelance Dietitian Specialist Weight Loss Binge Eating Diabetes Mindfulness