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Get your Personalised Nutrition Method

Ever wondered whether you were eating an adequate amount of nutrients to help you age well or feel your best right here and now? Or perhaps you want some evidence-based tips and resources to help you improve your weight, gut health, menstrual health or your relationship with food - but you are not ready for a full-on commitment to a clinic or 1:1 service? 


A Personalised Nutrition Method may be the perfect solution for you.


This is a written personalised report that will empower you to take charge of your health independently, armed with expert recommendations. No faff, no BS. 

What does your method include?

How it works


Get in contact with us to determine this service is appropriate for you. If you have more complex needs, a 1:1 may be recommended instead.


If suitable, you will be asked to complete your goals assessment, a 7 day food and lifestyle diary, and a meal plan preference form. Then we will start analysing your data.


Once your dietitian has completed their full analysis, your method will be emaile to you. This will include your summary (with an action plan), meal plan and supplement plan.

This can be done in an appointment too, for an extra fee.


If you wish to, you can always book into a clinic slot to review your method too. 

Any one who purchases a Personalised Nutrition Method can receive a discount for booking into clinic, if they decide to commit at a later date.

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All of these evidence-based and personalised resources for just £120

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