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3 tips to overcome a lack of time

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Many people state that a lack of time is their main barrier to making meaningful changes to their diet.

Whilst this statement is true (in my humble opinion), there is some ways in which we can make the most out of our free time and help to make change feel less overwhelming.


Make time. Sit down on a Saturday morning with a cup of tea and plan a shopping list or a meal plan for the next week. Saturdays are typically a relatively free day, and planning in the morning will mean you are less likely to forget come night time.

Make fun of it. Look at some simple, new recipes. Get a family member or housemate involved. Remember, frozen and tinned foods are convenient and nutritious options. Simple options can be just as nutritious (if not more) as elaborate recipes!

You may not need to plan all meals for all days. For example, breakfast may be the same most days and at weekends you may eat out more. Sit down and create a few weeks worth of plans and shopping lists, you can rotate these to save you planning each week.


Plan small changes, one at a time. There is no rush to make all changes. These are changes we want to incorporate for life, so we have lots of time to get them right! Think of the first change you want to make. Ask yourself is this specific? Is this realistic? Is this sustainable?


Struggle to put this plan into action? Reflect, what did could you do different next time? What could you make easier?

Meaningful dietary changes do not need to take up lots of our time. Simple meals, setting realistic goals and planning can be useful tools.

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