Brand Consultancy

The dietitian plays an influential role at consumer level. They are also at the forefront when it comes to understanding evolving needs and trends.


The Dietitian Method is able to work with brands to provide expert nutritional advice. Working with a dietitian, ensures that a brand's products and services are credible. 

If your brand that is interested in working with The Dietitian Method, please email

product development

A dietitian can inform a brand: on the formulation of a product, on how to ensure claims meet regulatory standards and on the research behind active ingredients.

A dietitian is the leading expert in nutrition, adding credential and investment. 

Nutrition communications

The Dietitian Method is available to appear in magazines, newspaper articles, television and radio to represent your brand. As well as various social media platforms.

nutritional analysis

The Dietitian Method has access to nutritional analysis software, providing calculations of dietary intakes, nutrient content (menu, food or drink) and provide detailed reports using the appropriate standards (DVR, EAR, RNI).

developing educational resources

The Dietitian Method frequently provides educational resources in various formats. These include: diet sheets, e-Books, webinars, workshops, tutorials, infographics and videos.

delivering educational sessions

The Dietitian Method has extensive experience delivering educational sessions to a variety of different groups of people. Expect a detailed, understandable session that is suitably pitched to your audience. 

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