Private consultation

The Dietitian Method clinic is available for one to one consultations, either by telephone or Zoom. See more details about the problems we can help with and how the booking process works below.

A registered dietitian will:

  • perform a thorough personal assessment

  • give tailored advice

  • help you set realistic goals

  • provide a detailed report

  • provide resources (recipes, meal plans, behaviour change worksheets etc)



Initial assessment (60 mins): £100

Follow-up appointment (30 minutes): £70

Student and key worker discount 20%

Bundle deals also available.

Book your free 15 minute discovery call:

Weight management and disordered eating

We understand that weight changes are multifactorial; so we encompass a holistic approach.


The Dietitian Method has years of experiencing supporting those with disordered eating to resolve their relationship with food.

women's health

The Dietitian Method empowers women to improve fertility, optimise nutrition pre/post conception and living with the menopause.


She also supports women living with polycystic ovarian syndrome to manage symptoms and be their happiest, healthiest self.

Sports nutrition

Nutrition is a powerful tool needed to meet your training goals. 

The Dietitian Method has training in sports nutrition and a plethora of experience helping others optimise workouts and achieve their goals. We're passionate about helping you perform your best. 

gut health & intolerances

The Dietitian Method has experience working with gut conditions including coeliac disease, acid reflux, (GORD), constipation and diverticular disease.

We can provide dietary advice to optimise your gut health. A healthy gut is linked to improvements in brain and heart health, digestion, mood and much more.

plus many more...

The Dietitian Method also frequently supports those with  food intolerances, thyroid disorders and cardiovascular disease. As well as, improving blood pressure, blood cholesterol and inflammation.

For those living with type 2 diabetes, we have lots of experience improving blood glucose (sugar levels) and even achieving remission in some cases.

How does it work?

1. Booking your complimentary discovery call

Your discovery call will last 15 minutes, here the dietitian will gather some information about your needs and your background. From here, you may wish to book an initial appointment to get further insight into your needs and to gain a personalised plan. 

If the dietitian feels your needs might be better met in the NHS or by another clinician then you'll be signposted to another service. 

2. Booking your initial appointment

Your 60 minute initial appointment can be booked after your discovery call or at a later date if this is your preference.

Here, the dietitian will take a thorough assessment, including medical history, lifestyle habits and diet history. 

You can expect to receive dietary advice, a set of personalised goals and the resources you need to support you going forward. Depending on your needs, you may wish to book a follow-up to review your progress. 

3. Booking your follow-up appointment 

Your follow-up appointment can be booked after your initial appointment of at a later date if this is your preference. We recommend you book at least one follow-up about 4 weeks after your initial appointment, to review your progress.

Your follow-up appointment will last 30 or 60 minutes, depending on your needs. Here your progress will be reviewed, and you'll receive further advice and personalised goals.

Package deals are available for bookings of 3 or 6 appointments, please email

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